for john in a sentence

  1. But there's room in seventh heaven for John Elway.
  2. There's an Army out there somewhere for John McCain.
  3. He calls a second time, again asks for John Schuerholz.
  4. This could be the reason for John's first failure.
  5. This bodes well for John McCain's presidential aspirations .)
  6. It's difficult to find for john in a sentence.
  7. Dan Majerle was traded for John " Hot Rod"
  8. Resist panicky advice to go for John McCain's jugular.
  9. "I'm not playing for John,"
  10. He will play for John Calipari at the University of Memphis.
  11. This is probably going to be make or break for John,
  12. Track and field is the main focus again for John Godina.
  13. Maggie says she would sing the phone book for John Harbison,
  14. Bernadette Peters as an LA artist who falls for John Cage.
  15. OLIPHANT-COLUMN ( Washington ) _ Good for John Edwards.
  16. I've never wavered in my support for John Hart.
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