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  1. From 1996 to 2000 he was also secretary of the senate's " Budget, Finance and Banking Commission ".
  2. He has taught finance and banking at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at UCAB, Universidad Metropolitana, IESA and Universidad Monte醰ila.
  3. BANGKOK : Share prices rose, pushed up by blue-chip buying in the finance and banking sectors by foreign investors.
  4. The companies intend to sell the computer systems to the finance and banking sectors, governments and manufacturers, Fujitsu said.
  5. In the domain of finance and banking, Paris was far behind other European capitals, and even other French cities.
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  7. Finance and banking The obvious place to start is the Bank of Thailand, which has its own unique problems.
  8. BANGKOK : Share prices fell as investors were worried over the earnings growth in the finance and banking sectors.
  9. An analyst with a Kuala Lumpur-based firm said that investors are holding back on stocks of finance and banking companies.
  10. Of course, the major sectors, such as primary commodities, construction and property and finance and banking will matter a lot.
  11. UMCS is also a lecturer, School of Finance and Banking in Radom and the School of Economics and in Radom.
  12. Member of the Szczecin Scientific Society, Polish Finances and Banking Association, SUERF ( The European Money and Finance Forum ).
  13. Shares closed broadly lower for the second consecutive day on Wednesday with the finance and banking counters the main victims.
  14. He is a former governor of Papua New Guinea's reserve bank and has a strong background in finance and banking.
  15. We would have to work hard and put in a huge amount of capital to restore Thai finance and banking companies.
  16. At least four students were injured in a clash with anti-riot officers at a finance and banking academy in the capital.
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