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  1. Many names came up as potential candidates, including former Ohio Senate President Richard Finan.
  2. In 1990, Finan was thought to be aiming for a run for Ohio Governor.
  3. O'Finan was elected consecrated by Cardinal Giacomo Filippo Fransoni on 21 March 1835.
  4. Finan said he agreed with Taft that spending should be reduced " immediately ."
  5. Alaska Airlines spokesman Kevin Finan said.
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  7. Ohio Senate President Richard Finan said.
  8. Joe Finan retired in December 2004 and was replaced by former Cleveland Browns player Bob Golic.
  9. His mother was Anna Finan Cunningham.
  10. Senate President Richard Finan, R-Evendale, among others, wasn't so sure.
  11. Ohio Senate President Richard Finan said flatly, in a recent interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
  12. But Senate President Richard Finan said Taft was in South Korea hoping to lure Hyundai to Ohio.
  13. Finan of the booksellers'association described the overall situation as a tide that is unlikely to turn.
  14. Finan scored his first professional goal in the opening game of the following Bury on 25 August 1934.
  15. In 1825 Thomas McKay and Finan McDonald led one of these exploring expeditions south of the Columbia River.
  16. However, O'Finan faced strong local opposition from supporters of the previous bishop, John MacHale.
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