feeling around in a sentence

"feeling around" in Chinese  
  1. It's more just feeling around in the dark and seeing what sounds interesting ".
  2. David Eckstein, the shortstop, scooped it, feeling around for second base with his foot.
  3. Even if you think abstinence is the only answer, there are still feelings around these issues.
  4. It was kind of a heavy feeling around the clubhouse, the locker room, the bench.
  5. "Our confidence is high and there's just a great feeling around the compound.
  6. It's difficult to find feeling around in a sentence.
  7. Young pubescent girls may have ambivalent feelings around the experience of buying and wearing their first bra.
  8. Leonardo is left confused and, after feeling around his room, discovers the sweatshirt is gone.
  9. Rather, the feeling around the capital is that allowing willy-nilly overregulation serves no good purpose.
  10. There was a lingering feeling around here the last couple of years that we were ( sissies ).
  11. The feeling around the Big 12 is that Texas is the team that has been getting its way.
  12. There was a strong feeling around here for a long time that this really was a closed shop,
  13. And so, for years, she learned to shape her feelings around what the Christian children did.
  14. Since 1997 is drawing near, why can't I spread my optimistic feeling around ?"
  15. And I'm a little perturbed about the anti-English feeling around Scotland today,"
  16. Stoke could not sustain a push for promotion, but the feeling around the club had changed dramatically.
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