feeling alive in a sentence

  1. I think actors enjoy both the fun and the fear of it, the feeling alive part, like those addicted to parachuting or ocean kayaking.
  2. He had two hits in 2004 in Portugal with " Feeling Alive ", " I Wonder " and in 2009, " Final Stroke ".
  3. Former member Alistair Griffin wrote " Don't Let Go " and " In Your Smile ", and also co-wrote " Feeling Alive ".
  4. Asked what motivates him to resume coaching, Cassidy said, " It's the fun of doing it, feeling alive, being part of the game ."
  5. The song was performed eighth on the night, following Portugal's Rita Guerra with " Deixa-me sonhar " and preceding Cyprus'Stelios Constantas with " Feeling Alive ".
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  7. In 1982 James Guthrie, the album consisted of intense, driving hard rock ( outside of the soft ballad " Feeling Alive Again " and the progressive rock closer " Endings " ).
  8. On 13 November 2010, the band launched the video for " Feeling Alive ", and soon after this video was launched on " Kerrang ! " as " Video of the Week ".
  9. When he moved to Los Angeles and hooked up with B-Real and Sen, he incorporated those early influences into his signature sound : " We try to keep the hip-hop feeling alive.
  10. "In Your Smile " and " Feeling Alive ", featuring Griffin as guest vocalist, appear on Ultra's second studio album, " The Sun Shines Brighter ", released October 2006.
  11. A happy ending !  as if the living martyrdom that Lear had gone through,  the flaying of his feelings alive, did not make a fair dismissal from the stage of life the only decorous thing for him.
  12. Stendhal's " Journal " and autobiographical writings include many comments on masks and the pleasures of " feeling alive in many versions . " " Look upon life as a masked ball, " is the advice that Stendhal gives himself in his diary for 1814.
  13. Griffin's vocals have been used on " In Your Smile " and " Feeling Alive ", although these appear to have been recorded some time previously, before he re-recorded the versions which are included on his own 2004 solo album " Bring It On.
  14. The song was performed tenth on the night, following Cyprus'Stelios Konstantas with " Feeling Alive " and preceding Russia's t . A . T . u . with " Ne Ver', Ne Boysia . " At the close of voting, it had received 53 points, placing 11th in a field of 26.
  15. Writing in " The New Yorker ", Michael Sragow said that " The human content . . . is the stuff of art-house exploitation . " " Variety " opined that the mango yellow color represents both " the jaundiced shade of their broken dreams " and their sense " of nonconformity and feeling alive ."
  16. Arguing against this practice, Hazlitt brings in a lengthy quote from an article Lamb wrote for Leigh Hunt's " Reflector ", which concludes : " A happy ending !  as if the living martyrdom that Lear had gone through,  the flaying of his feelings alive, did not make a fair dismissal from life the only decorous thing for him ."
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