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  1. You may feel a chill pass through you when Biehl's parents find it in their hearts to approve the application for amnesty by the convicted killers of their child.
  2. There's Bayard's, just blocks from the smoldering World Trade Center wreckage, where you can't help feel a chill on being reminded that the building was erected 150 years ago.
  3. Mike Severns, a Maui-based underwater photographer and biologist who used to lead yacht trips to remote islands, still feels a chill when he recalls a horrifying Indonesian holiday two years ago.
  4. But in San Francisco, dog owners say they already feel a chill since the death of Diane Whipple, 33, a lacrosse coach who was mauled in her apartment building hallway in late January by a Presa Canario dog.
  5. With the decision in favor of sanctions, rather than any inspection regime the council could readily agree on, it became inevitable that the chief U . N . arms inspection official, Richard Butler, would soon feel a chill wind.
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  7. Three years ago, after he and his golden retriever Buddy moved into the mansion while it was being renovated by its owner, the French insurance giant AXA, he said he would wake up in the middle of the night and feel a chill.
  8. Visitors entering the bare, well-scrubbed pen, now standing inside the museum's central, four-story pavilion, may well feel a chill; it's the same sort of feeling that Carl B . Westmoreland, the center's senior researcher, described among the people who lived near the barn and knew about the pen's existence.
  9. However, the Dark Dancer can also let her displeasure be known, and does so by making a cold breeze rise, by making the disfavored ones feel a chill in their hands or feet, through a sudden lack of inspiration or talent in any form of art, or through the failure to catch anything while hunting.
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