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  1. Canterbury lineup : Greg Somerville, Mark Hammett, Greg Feek, Reuben Thorne, Norm Maxwell, Chris Jack, Richie McCaw, Scott Robertson, Justin Marshall, Andrew Mehrtens, Caleb Ralph, Aaron Mauger, Mark Robinson, Marika Vunibaka, Leon MacDonald.
  2. In 1988, a one off mini-story was produced for a " 2000AD " annual which featured the original Ace returning to his own universe only to find that Feek has taken over the business and GBH has become his second in command.
  3. Rory Feek wrote and produced a film, " Josephine ", which was set in the American Civil War and included the couple's song of the same name . . The film later debuted at the Nashville Film Festival in summer 2016.
  4. Blues : Mils Muliaina, Doug Howlett, Rico Gear, Sam Tuitupou, Joe Rokocoko, Carlos Spencer, David Gibson, Xavier Rush ( captain ), Daniel Braid, Angus Macdonald, Bradley Mika, Ali Williams, John Afoa, Keven Mealamu, Greg Feek.
  5. New Zealand _ Leon MacDonald; Doug Howlett, Tana Umaga, Aaron Mauger, Jonah Lomu; Andrew Mehrtens, Byron Kelleher; Greg Feek, Anton Oliver ( captain ), Greg Somerville, Chris Jack, Norm Maxwell, Reuben Thorne, Richard McCaw, Scott Robertson.
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