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  1. Reserves : Jonah Lomu, Carlos Spencer, Byron Kelleher, Dylan Mika, Ian Jones, Greg Feek, Mark Hammett . ( tjh)
  2. Canterbury Crusaders loosehead prop Greg Feek takes the place of the injured Carl Hoeft, who tore a calf in the victory over the Wallabies.
  3. Written by Feek and Johnson, the song was sung by an anonymous six-year-old girl and credited to the Song Trust.
  4. Deputy Director of Mental Health Colin Feek said the Health Ministry had received reports since the death that some of the students needed mental health treatment.
  5. All Black rugby union prop Greg Feek has become the latest sportsman to be hit by deep-vein thrombosis ( DVT ) after an overseas flight.
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  7. Scorers : Canterbury 28 ( Greg Feek, Caleb Ralph, Leon MacDonald, Scott Robertson tries; Andrew Mehrtens 1 goal, 2 penalty goals ) def.
  8. Ace loses his temper and vandalises a statue of Feek which lands him in prison, vowing to gain revenge at some point " in the near future ".
  9. In other changes, number eight Scott Robertson and prop Greg Feek, return to the side after being omitted in the recent Tri Nations series by previous coach Wayne Smith.
  10. He and songwriter Rory Lee Feek later adapted this story into the song " The Chain of Love ", which was a Top 5 country hit for Clay Walker in 2000.
  11. His first ever charting single was Blaine Larsen's hit " How Do You Get That Lonely ", a song about teenage suicide he co-wrote with Rory Lee Feek.
  12. CANTERBURY 58 ( Norm Berryman 2, Greg Feek, Afato So'oalo, Reuben Thorne, Caleb Ralph, Leon MacDoanld tries; Andrew Mehrtens 3 penalty goals, 7 conversions ) def.
  13. He and his wife, Joey Martin Feek, formed the duo Joey + Rory and was placed third on the first season of the CMT talent show " Can You Duet ".
  14. Rory Lee Feek said the song " was written specifically for our fans, telling them how we feel about them, " and to thank them for supporting the duo by attending their concerts.
  15. ""'How Do You Get That Lonely "'" is a song written by Rory Lee Feek and Jamie Teachenor, and recorded by American country music artist Blaine Larsen.
  16. Team officials said Wednesday that Feek, 26, sustained a blood clot in a calf after the All Blacks returned home from their end-of-season tour of Europe and Argentina in December.
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