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  1. John P . Feehery, a spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, endorsed that view.
  2. Feehery blunted rejected such a notion.
  3. More broadly, John Feehery, Hastert's spokesman, brushed the Democratic complaints aside.
  4. But DeLay continues to oppose gun control, said John Feehery, DeLay's press secretary.
  5. Asked if such an impasse were possible, Feehery said, " I certainly hope not.
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  7. John Feehery, Hastert's press secretary, said the speaker was busy doing his job.
  8. Feehery said, adding, " We hope Gephardt will try to negotiate more with us.
  9. John Feehery, spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Republican of Illinois, said last week.
  10. "These are apples and oranges, " said Hastert's spokesman John Feehery.
  11. John Feehery said . " Partisan politics should be taken out of this job ."
  12. Feehery said . " We're going to do something on this issue ."
  13. John Feehery, spokesman for House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill ., said Saturday.
  14. To find out before his maiden flight, Feehery taxied down runways at Lawrence Airport for 10 hours.
  15. But according to John Feehery, a spokesman for Hastert, the congressmen will simply have to wait.
  16. Feehery said, " but he sure would love to have Tip's majority ."
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