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  1. Feehery called Hoyer's reform efforts genuinely bipartisan.
  2. Feehery did not say what specific compromise Hastert favors.
  3. Hastert spokesman John Feehery said that no one asked his boss for a meeting.
  4. John Feehery, Hastert's spokesman, declined all comment on the matter.
  5. Feehery said, " but there will be a vote on it ."
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  7. The speaker supports an amendment barring funds for peacekeepers without congressional authorization, Feehery said.
  8. "He changed his position, " said his spokesman, John Feehery.
  9. It just happened, Feehery said, that these lawmakers were opponents of the bill.
  10. Feehery provided these details of the agreement.
  11. Hastert's spokesman John Feehery said.
  12. That's normal, " said Hastert's spokesman, John Feehery.
  13. Feehery said . " We're not trying to weaken this at all.
  14. Feehery called it a " positive sign " that the Senate had made a counteroffer.
  15. Feehery is from an Irish Catholic family.
  16. That meant Feehery was stuck with a half-built homebuilt in his West Newbury barn.
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