fault in a sentence

"fault" meaning  "fault" in Chinese  
  1. It's nobody's fault, really ."
  2. I have no fault with the work effort everybody puts in.
  3. It was worth developing and worth seeing, faults and all.
  4. It is unclear who, if anyone, was at fault.
  5. But that, too, is the government's fault.
  6. It's difficult to find fault in a sentence.
  7. Enqvist started with a double fault and was broken at 15.
  8. "It was all the cops'fault,"
  9. "It wasn't all his fault,"
  10. His five aces were more than offset by 9 double faults.
  11. And it's all Dad's fault ."
  12. You can't fault him for being aggressive ."
  13. Cherry's committee found fault at nearly every Olympic site.
  14. You can't fault them ( owners ) for that.
  15. The players insist it's not Buddy's fault.
  16. I fault the movie because it distorts and violates the book.
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