fault in a sentence

"fault" meaning  "fault" in Chinese  
  1. Lose, and it's the coach's fault.
  2. "It's not the Mayor's fault.
  3. They might shoot someone and then it would be my fault.
  4. And the fault line is education, " said Clinton.
  5. I think this was the system's fault ."
  6. It's difficult to find fault in a sentence.
  7. In some cases it's the player's fault.
  8. But, these infringements on our rights are our own fault.
  9. I know that little girl wasn't really at fault.
  10. It's a fault some analysts said has been exaggerated.
  11. Well, whose fault is that ? " asks Kuby.
  12. Shiseido was also at fault in its dealings with the coops.
  13. I would be punished and it's not my fault.
  14. That's the great deep fault of the signing bonus.
  15. And it's always the other guy's fault.
  16. And it's all my little sister's fault.
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