fault in a sentence

"fault" meaning  "fault" in Chinese  
  1. "It's not Tommie Agee's fault.
  2. According to Rico, that is his father's fault.
  3. Usually, Clinton is attentive to a fault to public opinion.
  4. The players said that all of what happened was their fault.
  5. It was his fault as much as anybody else's.
  6. It's difficult to find fault in a sentence.
  7. -- Prune only to remove broken branches and growth faults.
  8. "And that's my fault, my responsibility.
  9. In many instances, the portions are copious to a fault.
  10. It's nobody's fault but mine ."
  11. To what extent is it the fault of the poor themselves?
  12. Nonetheless, others found fault with his overall performance as secretary.
  13. We gave up the lead, so it was our fault.
  14. If it's wrong, it's my fault.
  15. Pilots'unions found fault with the meeting for different reasons.
  16. So far, it has shown no contractor was at fault.
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