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  1. He hung up a few pictures of the old farm instead.
  2. I can remember those dark nights out there on the farm.
  3. The Number of U . S . Farms Falls Below 2 Million
  4. In a good year, Alger Farms grosses $ 7 million.
  5. I think the farm subsidy program will be under clear assault.
  6. It's difficult to find farm in a sentence.
  7. The farm's small animal figures pose a choking hazard.
  8. The fire destroyed the farm's showroom and Christmas shop.
  9. Little said as he replaced a tire on his farm wagon.
  10. D'Amato said on the subject of cutting farm subsidies.
  11. That includes the two biggest players, State Farm and Allstate.
  12. They even smell different and worse than our traditional hog farms.
  13. Usually, the farm animal doesn't even wake up.
  14. Aptus rents the farms to the college at a reduced rate.
  15. Betsy Pryor, who runs Laurel Farms, is less loquacious.
  16. She is also worried about a dilapidated barn on another farm.
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