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  1. He still goes to the farm regularly to work the fields.
  2. Now he's lost his wife, lost his farm.
  3. After that, he comes off the farm ready to run.
  4. Walz designed a center island to resemble an old farm table.
  5. The farms have passed from fathers to their children for generations.
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  7. That prompted the farm bureau and others to make satisfied noises.
  8. The farm crisis has rippled through the economy with amazing speed.
  9. State Farm is the largest, with a 24 percent share.
  10. It was different a decade ago during the 1980s farm depression.
  11. Not coincidentally, this mediocrity now wants to sell the farm.
  12. Cutting subsidies to bankrupt farms and businesses will drive up unemployment.
  13. The old phrase is that the rocks come with the farm.
  14. Much of the runoff comes from farm fields in the spring.
  15. The sons and daughters of Cabot are rooted on farms here.
  16. -- Bland Farms sells more than its famous Vidalia onions.
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