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  1. Proceeds from the Fourth of July Picnic have been earmarked for the Farm Aid organization.
  2. There were recent appearances at Farm Aid and Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit.
  3. Live Aid, Farm Aid and the recent Concert for New York followed its pattern.
  4. He likens the concept to Farm Aid.
  5. They will both benefit Farm Aid.
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  7. Farm Aid also does educational outreach.
  8. Farm Aid 2004 will take place Sept . 18 at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn.
  9. Farm Aid Web site : http : / / www . farmaid . com / event/
  10. Del Valle also said the protesters wanted special federal or state farm aid for the town.
  11. The first Farm Aid concert was held in Champaign to benefit American farmers, in 1985.
  12. He'll miss the Farm Aid VII fund-raising concert in New Orleans next weekend.
  13. Janklow has worked closely with Sen . Thomas Daschle to bring federal farm aid to the state.
  14. Orden has suggested imposing time limits on farm aid, similar to those in federal welfare programs.
  15. The UW's punt-return team may have to give its scholarships to Farm Aid.
  16. Since 1985, Farm Aid has distributed more than $ 16 million to farm and rural organizations.
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