farm act in a sentence

  1. The major bill at issue is the Freedom to Farm Act, which sweeps away more than 60 years of federal farm law.
  2. Virtually every other major crop was put to the test of market forces as a result of the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act.
  3. Supporters said the bill would provide necessary funding for farmers without negating the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act, which eliminated crop subsidies.
  4. Freedom to Farm Act, 1996 : After taking control of Congress, Republicans pass legislation to end price supports based on production.
  5. As Congress considers reauthorizing the Freedom to Farm Act, lawmakers have already made one fundamental decision : They will keep the subsidies.
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  7. By championing the FARM act, President Bush could finally make good on his promise to be a uniter, not a divider.
  8. -- Work to repeal Republican Freedom to Farm Act that has resulted in years of low prices and necessitated billion dollar bailouts.
  9. The compact introduces more governmental controls to the market even as the Freedom to Farm Act loosens a years of agricultural subsidies and controls.
  10. Just two years after passing the market-oriented Freedom to Farm Act, Congress is re-knitting agriculture's safety net.
  11. A more permanent solution, McIntyre said, lies in revamping the Freedom to Farm Act, which comes up for renewal in 2002.
  12. In the mid-1990s, Republicans tried to wean farmers off the government subsidies with the Freedom to Farm Act but failed spectacularly.
  13. House Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas is pushing a revolutionary proposal, the Freedom to Farm Act, which is driving that debate.
  14. Sen . Tom Harkin of Iowa has another name for the Freedom to Farm Act : the Welcome to Welfare Act . ( BREAKER HED)
  15. The Republicans called it the " Freedom to Farm Act " when they abolished price supports and crop and acreage restrictions last year.
  16. McIntyre and other lawmakers blame the Freedom to Farm Act, which was enacted in 1996 and eliminated price supports and guarantees for most crops.
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