farm act in a sentence

  1. Supporters say these are key additions to the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act, which cut farming subsidies.
  2. Roberts was one of the authors of the current farm bill, the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act.
  3. He contends the Michigan Right to Farm Act empowered him to build structures needed to run his operation.
  4. Explaining his vote in favor of the now-unpopular " Freedom to Farm Act,"
  5. The so-called Freedom To Farm Act received mixed reviews from major agriculture groups in the state.
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  7. Gone are the days when Thailand had to battle protectionist legislation such as the Jenkins Bill and the Farm Act.
  8. Democrats blame the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act, which overhauled farm subsidy programs going back to the Great Depression.
  9. Roberts, one of the architects of the Freedom to Farm Act, did not object to giving farmers more money.
  10. They have complained about the Freedom to Farm Act, which went into effect in 1996, and ended production restraints.
  11. With crop prices dropping, Johnson has also attacked the Freedom to Farm Act that Lugar championed to overhaul farm programs.
  12. Questioned by reporters, Bradley conceded his shift and that he backed the Freedom to Farm Act ending most traditional subsidies.
  13. Roberts today met with farm-state Republicans to gauge preliminary reaction to the " Freedom to Farm Act ."
  14. Critics of the Freedom to Farm Act, including some of Roberts'Republican colleagues, see no need for drastic change.
  15. On the Agriculture Committee, he hopes to ensure the Freedom to Farm Act that President Clinton signed this year is implemented.
  16. The Harkin-Smith bill is in part a response to the financial havoc left by the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act.
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