farlow in a sentence

  1. Among the instrumental performances of the tune is a legendary version by guitarist Tal Farlow.
  2. Continuing his Jazz education, Nocelli studied with Tal Farlow, a renowned Jazz guitarist.
  3. His primary teachers were David E . Becker, James Smith, and William Farlow.
  4. Farlow's, for instance, is home for the English country green Wellington boots.
  5. Production from tailbacks Hopkins, Terry Battle, Marlon Farlow and Brian Singleton has been solid.
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  7. Marlon Farlow, who is nursing a sore hamstring, gained 25 yards on four rushes.
  8. And Farlow stands out, his be-bop lines cruising through with cool and power.
  9. The chapelry of Farlow was an exclave of Herefordshire, part of the hundred of Wolphy.
  10. She then begins an affair with rodeo cowboy Dusty Farlow, and enters into psychiatric treatment.
  11. Running back Marlon Farlow, receiver Ricky Boyer and linebacker Larry Johnson did not make the trip.
  12. He pursued a doctoral degree and served as a research assistant under Farlow from 1886 to 1888.
  13. Farlow would've given Snyder the depth to use J . R . Redmond in the secondary.
  14. For Farlow, the weight of playing sparingly for three seasons, and fatherhood, complicated his life.
  15. The ticket featured Pizzarelli, Les Paul, Tal Farlow, and Pizzarelli's son, John.
  16. By then, he had already started learning about mycology and corresponding with Dr . William Gilson Farlow.
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