farley post office in a sentence

  1. As Republican notables gather in Madison Square Garden to celebrate the candidacy of President Bush, New Yorkers might point to a pressing concern across the street : how to jump-start the plan to create a stunning new Pennsylvania Station in the neo-Classical shell of the old James A . Farley post office building.
  2. The Farley Post Office is home to " Operation Santa ", made famous in the classic film " Miracle on 34th Street " ( 1947 ), and it is the inspiration for the post office in Terry Pratchett's novel " Going Postal " ( 2004 ), with its " Glom of nit " legend.
  3. The post office building is modeled on New York's monumental James Farley Post Office Building, which carries the inscription " " Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds . " "  in the novel this becomes " " NEITHER RAIN NOR SNOW NOR GLOM OF NIT CAN STAY THESE MESENGERS ABOT THEIR DUTY " " ( some letters having been stolen ).
  4. He worked with McKim on many significant buildings, including the Morgan Library, the Low Memorial Library, and other buildings at Columbia University, the Washington Square Arch, Bellevue Hospital, and the Main Post Office ( James Farley Post Office ), all in New York City; Arlington Memorial Bridge, the Army War College, and the restoration of St . John s Episcopal Church, in Washington, D . C .; the American Academy in Rome; and the Harvard University School of Business, many of the Harvard gates, and the Plymouth Rock Memorial ( Pilgrim Memorial State Park ), in Massachusetts.
  5. Chrysler's awards, given each fall, started in 1993 to recognize six designers based in the United States with a trophy and $ 10, 000 . ( Last year, the award also recognized advocates of good design . ) In a relatively short time, some began to think of the awasd $ as a mini-MacArthur Foundation grant in the design field, with awards going to the architect Frank O . Gehry ( 1995 ); the graphic designer Bruce Mau ( 1998 ); the team that designed the landing apparatus for the Mars Pathfinder probe ( 1998 ); and even the late Sen . Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who was recognized last year for his labors on behalf of Grand Central Terminal and the planned conversion of the Farley Post Office to a new Penn Station.
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