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  1. We wandered down to Grand Central Terminal to admire its Renaissance-style architecture ( our train had arrived at the less-spectacular Pennsylvania Station, which is on track to receive a new home at the massive but graceful Farley Post Office ).
  2. -- Farley-Pennsylvania Station Redevelopment Project, New York, a $ 750 million project will convert the Farley post office building next to the existing Penn Station into an intermodal facility and commercial center serving Amtrak, commuter rail and subway passengers.
  3. Negotiators for the U . S . Postal Service and a city-state development agency have finally reached a tentative peace agreement that would transform part of the James A . Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue in New York City into a railroad station.
  4. The verse prominently features on New York's James Farley Post Office, although it has been slightly rephrased to " Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds ".
  5. That line is inscribed over the entrance of the James Farley Post Office in New York and is derived from a line in Herodotus "'Histories " ( 8.98 ), referring to the ancient courier service of the Persian Empire.
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  7. In addition, city and state officials have offered up not just Madison Square Garden as the main site, with thousands of hotel rooms nearby, but also the Farley Post Office building, across the street, as a media center, linked by bridges.
  8. Plans to build a grand railroad hub in the landmark Farley post office building, between Eighth and Ninth avenues and 31st and 33rd streets in Manhattan, have been in the making for more than a decade, only to be delayed time and time again.
  9. The same year, McKim, Mead & White designed the nearby Farley Post Office Building with its famous inscription adapted from Herodotus : " Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds ."
  10. Anna Campbell, 29, a studio coordinator at Daylight Studio, not far from the James A . Farley Post Office Building, was so comfortable with the logistics that she even took her 16-month-old son, Satto Lopez, to work Friday.
  11. The planned overhaul of Pennsylvania Station, which was first proposed in the late 1980s, would include upgrading the subterranean station beneath Madison Square Garden with better access, and creating a huge new passenger concourse and retail area in the James A . Farley Post Office building.
  12. A spokesman for the developers said that $ 40 million was all that could be spent in the first year anyway, to plan the renovation of the James A . Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue into a station and retail complex, to buy structural steel and to remove abestos.
  13. NEW YORK _ The NBA's plans to move its headquarters to a site at Ninth Avenue and 33rd Street behind the Farley Post Office died this week after the city declined to provide a large enough package of tax breaks for the project, executives involved in the negotiations said.
  14. In addition, an estimated 15, 000 reporters, who in other cities have worked in tents, trailers and spare office space, would be placed across Eighth Avenue from the arena in the Farley Post Office Building, which is destined to be converted into the new Pennsylvania Station.
  15. Meanwhile, a new project to renovate and modernize the Garden completed phase one in time for the Rangers and Knicks'2011 12 seasons, though the vice president of the Garden says he remains committed to the installation of an extension of Penn Station at the Farley Post Office site.
  16. They can be used to educate the populace about important events or figures from the past, such as in the renaming of the old General Post Office Building in New York City to the James A . Farley Building ( James Farley Post Office ), after former Postmaster General James Farley.
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