farley post office in a sentence

  1. In January 2016, NY Governor Cuomo announced plans for a combined Penn-Farley Post Office complex called Empire State Station, a comprehensive integrated station, a project estimated to cost $ 3billion.
  2. It is already paying the wages of hundreds of workers who are building sets at Madison Square Garden and converting the Farley post office building across Eighth Avenue into a center for 15, 000 journalists.
  3. Another officer waved him through, and the man slipped into a back entrance to the James A . Farley Post Office Building, the well-fortified headquarters for the news media at the convention.
  4. It includes an expanded Pennsylvania Station at the neo-Classical James A . Farley Post Office building to the east, a corridor of office blocks along 11th Avenue and a smattering of park spaces.
  5. Reporters will be based at the historic James A . Farley post office building, where guests walk up grand sweep of granite stairs to a Corinthian colonnade-- putting the Boston media erector set to shame.
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  7. The New York project will include the shell of the existing Farley Post Office and a 150-foot-high ( 45-meter-high ) glass and nickel skylight over the main entrance and ticket booths.
  8. Congress has now pledged more than three-quarters of the $ 100 million federal share toward the renovation of the existing station under Madison Square Garden and its extension to the grand James A . Farley Post Office building.
  9. Giuliani's absence was apparent the moment Clinton strolled onto the stage, which was set up in an old mail-sorting room at the James A . Farley Post Office, with Moynihan and Pataki behind him.
  10. As for the press, it will be housed in 330, 000 square feet at the Farley Post Office Building, which is being sold to the state as part of its effort to create a new Pennsylvania Station.
  11. In New York City on Monday night, the 1.4 million-square-foot James A . Farley Post Office in midtown Manhattan was packed with taxpayers trying to get their tax forms postmarked before the deadline.
  12. He proposed building it in the Farley Post Office building, which occupies the block across Eighth Avenue from the current Penn Station and was designed by the same McKim, Mead & White architectural firm as the original station.
  13. Meanwhile, SOM proposed moving Madison Square Garden to the area just south of the James Farley Post Office, and redeveloping the area above Penn Station as a mixed-use development with commercial, residential, and recreational space.
  14. Then, according to H3's plan, four skyscrapers at each of the four corners of the new Penn Station superblock, with a roof garden on top of the station; the Farley Post Office would become an education center.
  15. City and state officials have offered up not just Madison Square Garden as the main site, with thousands of hotel rooms nearby, but also the Farley Post Office building, across the street, as a media center, linked by bridges.
  16. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey awarded $ 10 million to New Jersey Transit on Thursday to study how it might extend its current platforms in Pennsylvania Station into a new station in the James A . Farley post office building.
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