familiar in a sentence

"familiar" meaning  "familiar" in Chinese  
  1. See if any of this sounds familiar, Phoenix Suns fans.
  2. Nemesis is now an all-too familiar goddess in Japan.
  3. If the name, Ryan, sounds familiar, it is.
  4. It has to be something that is a little familiar already.
  5. A familiar-enough scene, anxious students checking their grades.
  6. It's difficult to find familiar in a sentence.
  7. Get familiar with the average cost for your line of business.
  8. Jordan is not even wearing his familiar No . 23 anymore.
  9. Many family members stay at home among comfortable, familiar things.
  10. Gless says in that familiar voice, all sensuality and sandpaper.
  11. But to those familiar remedies are added a few new ones.
  12. Stockman's article follows a familiar pattern for conspiracy theories.
  13. "He's familiar with the surroundings down here.
  14. You throw a knuckler and you are familiar with the terms.
  15. Behind the 262s comes a formation of less-familiar shapes.
  16. Good, familiar songs include " Little Sister,"
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