familiar in a sentence

"familiar" meaning  "familiar" in Chinese  
  1. It was opened by the familiar faces of their former neighbors.
  2. Officials familiar with the debriefings confirm the essence of his account.
  3. The Angels lost again in oh-so-familiar fashion.
  4. The Angels lost in a fashion that is becoming hauntingly familiar.
  5. Some of the sculptures are by familiar artists in characteristic form.
  6. It's difficult to find familiar in a sentence.
  7. If all of this sounds a tad familiar, it should.
  8. Now she faces the problem familiar to many Western business executives.
  9. The women deal with familiar Simon themes of infidelity and divorce.
  10. Brown is crucial, says one investor familiar with Epic Design.
  11. Does this scenario sound familiar to anyone at the White House?
  12. The rest of the piece is both shapeless and very familiar.
  13. For some, the landscape has become less and less familiar.
  14. Because hokey dialogue uttered by familiar characters who dress nice sells.
  15. The same way I'm not familiar with Caucasian people.
  16. His game remains subtle, often graceful, and very familiar.
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