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  • adverb


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  1. When Fortune 500 CEOs cannot name one black woman leader from the corporate world, they cannot be facilely accused of middle-aged white-male myopia.
  2. Jessica of her childhood, as many self-appointed judges have charged, they did not do it for the sick-society reasons so facilely attributed to them.
  3. "I like guns, I collect guns and I'm prepared to use guns, " he says, facilely taking the Glock apart in a few seconds.
  4. But it was Schumer, a perpetually underrated legislator and politician, who focused on the central question : How can Ashcroft seem to be prepared to facilely put aside his dedication to these points?
  5. Michael Widmer, president of the conservative Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, says that Braude was able to argue his position " quickly and facilely " during frequent debates between the two in the Legislature.

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