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Pronunciation:   "facies" in a sentence
  • Noun: facies  'feyshee`eez
    1. (biology) the general aspect or habit of a species, or group of species, esp. with reference to its adaptation to its environment 
    2. (medicine) facial appearance typical of a particular disease 
    3. (geology) characteristics of a rock deposit

    Encyclopedia: Facies

  • [Medicine]
    The appearance of the face that is often characteristic of a disease or pathological condition,as the elfin facies of WILLIAMS SYNDROME or the mongoloid facies of DOWN SYNDROME. (Random House Unabridged Dictionary,2d ed) n pl facies
    1 : an appearance and expression of the face characteristic of a particular condition esp. when abnormal ‹peptic ulcer facies› ‹adenoid facies›
    2 : an anatomical surface


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  1. the facies of a modern beach is probably seldom preserved in the geological record.
  2. the accumulation of oil is governed by lateral changes from permeable to impermeable facies.
  3. seismic stratigraphy is the study of stratigraphy and depositional facies as interpreted from seismic data.
  4. characterization of sedimentology in fluvial facies reservoir
  5. methodology for sedimentary facies discription . nonmarine facies

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