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  1. Keep a box of facial tissues near the stove to wipe up small spills.
  2. While not all facial tissues are Kleenex, it seems as though all dictionaries are Webster's.
  3. Along the way, though, he tore through creative partners as if they were facial tissue.
  4. Mei had surgeons alter his facial tissues so he will look like a normal human.
  5. You could see yourself going into a store and asking for facial tissue instead of Kleenex,
  6. It's difficult to find facial tissue in a sentence.
  7. In 1924, facial tissues as they are known today were first introduced by Kimberly-Clark as Kleenex.
  8. They replace the Kleenex Extra-Large and Ultra facial tissues which were available before ColdCare was launched.
  9. She searched in vain through her coat pockets for the facial tissue she had planned on bringing.
  10. Kimberly-Clark makes the market-leading Kleenex facial tissue and Huggies baby wipes, which is third in its category.
  11. It's like Xerox instead of " copy machine " or Kleenex instead of " facial tissue ".
  12. The possible merger raises antitrust questions about the effect on competition in the market for facial tissue.
  13. Together, the two companies would be the biggest maker of facial tissues in the world, she said.
  14. The consumer products segment manufactures and sells household tissues, including paper towels, napkins, bathroom tissue and facial tissue.
  15. :One other comment : Facial tissues with moisturizers tend to stick and clump far more than those without.
  16. :: My suggestion is to dip a facial tissue in ice water and insert it in the nose.
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