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  1. A state of grace must be conferred by an external authority.
  2. "They didn't figure in the external environment.
  3. The most important external in the book was the farm itself.
  4. The external factor, or Wall Street, is affecting sentiment.
  5. To some degree, Bewkes is simply benefiting from external circumstances.
  6. It's difficult to find external in a sentence.
  7. But biological time and external light aren't completely independent.
  8. That's why, incidentally, I prefer external modems.
  9. It's not external forces that are beating on newspapers.
  10. Yet there is a danger that external funding may be inadequate.
  11. Unfortunately, there are no cost standards to guide external reviewers.
  12. In addition, certain regions can be influenced by external factors.
  13. If mites are present, external medicines are available from veterinarians.
  14. In lieu of external solutions, Johnson offered an internal suggestion.
  15. Freed from external constraints, governments have gone on spending binges.
  16. Wash clams well, scrubbing if necessary to remove external grit.
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