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  1. The author referred to the process of a thetan leaving its human body as " exteriorization ", which he said allowed for space travel.
  2. I have listened to the " Exteriorization " and " Rudements " tapes, and can confirm that Prioryman's edits accurately reflect their content.
  3. Scientology emphasizes attaining " cause over MEST ", and attaining the ability to abandon one's body via " exteriorization " and ultimately by becoming an Cleared Theta Clear.
  4. In the 1956 lecture " Exteriorization ", Hubbard referred in passing to R2-45; a footnote in the transcript refers to the process as being " used humorously ".
  5. So when I say my work is an exteriorization of my own inner reality, I mean I am giving back to people through art what they already have in them ."

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