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  1. That is the test of our commitment to freedom of expression.
  2. Chuck Finley said Sunday with a pained expression on his face.
  3. Cable cars " lend themselves to individual expression,"
  4. Over the years there was an enormous growth in her expression.
  5. However altered in its expression, futurelessness initiated by Hiroshima remains.
  6. It's difficult to find expression in a sentence.
  7. Tyson wore the same blank expression before, during and after.
  8. An excited Washington carries the same expressions and the same volume.
  9. Self-expression can't be stifled by unisex uniforms.
  10. In American cartoons, facial expressions and mouth movements are fluid.
  11. It is, rather, an expression of our collective will.
  12. He wears baggy cotton shirts and pants and a blank expression.
  13. The vote carries no weight except as an expression of disenchantment.
  14. "She didn't have any expression ."
  15. Ekeus said he received " strong expressions of support"
  16. When pressed, Kondo quickly conceded this was just an expression.
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