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  1. Additionally, one of the most significant results of this expression analysis was the discovery of more than 200 previously unknown genes whose expression was temporally regulated during the response of fibroblasts to serum.
  2. Fuzzy ARAM, based on fuzzy ART operations, has been successfully applied to numerous machine learning tasks, including personal profiling, document classification, personalized content management, and DNA gene expression analysis.
  3. Expression analysis of PTPkappa mRNA in normal melanocytes and in melanoma cells and tissues demonstrated that PTPkappa is downregulated or absent 20 % of the time in melanoma, suggesting that PTPkappa is a tumor suppressor gene in melanoma.
  4. Possible uses for the integrated nanoliter system are in controlling biological fluids ( refer as synthetic biology ) and accurately detecting changes in genetic purposes ( such as single-cell gene expression analysis ) where the smaller scale directly influences the result and accuracy.
  5. RT-PCR expression analysis revealed a significant inverse correlation between EFS mRNA expression with EFS methylation in UM . EFS methylation was tissue-specific with full methylation in peripheral blood cells, but no methylation in other tissues such as fetal muscle, kidney and brain.
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  7. Balaguer " et al " . identified a list of 32 genes targeted by miR-137 by cross-referencing the global gene expression analysis of HCT116 colorectal carcinoma cells after transfection of miR-137 with the list of predicted miR-137 targets via miRecords database.
  8. Founded in 1999 as the " Microarray Gene Expression Data ( MGED ) Society, " this organization changed its name to the " Functional Genomics Data Society " in 2010 to reflect the fact that it has broadened its focus beyond the application of DNA microarrays for gene expression analysis to include technologies such as high-throughput sequencing.
  9. Furthermore, unlike for the pro-erythroblast and later stages of erythroid development, no truly reliable and unique positive flow-cytometric markers exist, though it is possible to use negative exclusion markers to deplete a cell population of other precursors and differentiated cells by cell sorting, thus greatly enriching it for the CFU-e activity ( Prospective isolation and global gene expression analysis of the erythrocyte colony-forming unit, Terszowski G . et al.
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