express to in a sentence

"express to" in Chinese  
  1. She expresses to them all that she would probably end up leaving the group.
  2. Marek then expresses to his father how lonely he is.
  3. Is it possible in Outlook Express to send multiple emails to the same person?
  4. In the final round, Fabulous Freebirds defeated Midnight Express to win the vacant titles.
  5. "The ` Virgin de Guadalupe'Express to Barcelona and Beyond ."
  6. It's difficult to find express to in a sentence.
  7. He expresses to her that he would rather Jayne escape.
  8. She expresses to Matsuri she's thankful for having met Yuzu.
  9. He traveled on the Trans Siberian Express to Japan, transiting through the Soviet Union.
  10. I cannot begin to express to you how this wrongful accusation compounds our pain.
  11. In January 1944, they boarded the Orient Express to Istanbul.
  12. AMR announced in December it was buying Business Express to expand service in the Northeast.
  13. Japan's government has refused to allow Federal Express to fly through Japan to those countries.
  14. Agreement with the pilots'union is required for Delta's deal with American Express to take effect.
  15. Carl expresses to his father his reservations about Michonne.
  16. A few called to express to their outraged suspicions that I'd concocted the whole thing.
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