express to in a sentence

"express to" in Chinese  
  1. The King expresses to Sylvia his desire that she wed him.
  2. They regularly hauled the Manchester to King's Cross expresses to and from Grantham.
  3. A version is used by American Express to reduce fraud losses.
  4. We are also using the rules in Outlook Express to filter.
  5. "I try to express to them it's both a celebration and a ceremony,"
  6. It's difficult to find express to in a sentence.
  7. Delta Express to more effectively take on competitors AirTran, JetBlue and Southwest Airlines.
  8. She expresses to Sundaram her desire that she should die in his arms.
  9. They didn't have to take the Siberian Express to get here.
  10. The station is connected by the " Kamome " limited express to Sasebo.
  11. In January 1944 the two boarded the Orient Express to Istanbul.
  12. WestAir then began flying as United Express to SFO until 2001.
  13. Fancy has also partnered with American Express to promote its site.
  14. In Britain, privatizating the rails was the express to yet another train wreck.
  15. He did express to me that he was thinking of buying a gun.
  16. Solutions have ranged from relying on Federal Express to installing refrigerators in customers'garages.
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