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  1. ""'Equinox Express Elevator " "'is an album by American guitarist Howard Roberts recorded in 1972 for the Impulse ! label.
  2. The velvet ropes outside the express elevator, and the uniformed attendants who asked your destination, made me feel as if I were being transported to a different world.
  3. Demczur, who worked for 10 years at the trade venter, was riding an express elevator with the five men Sept . 11 when an airliner slammed into the tower.
  4. At the moment of the impact of Flight 175, an estimated 200 people had packed into the Sky Lobby on the 78th Floor and were waiting for the express elevators.
  5. The Towers has its own entrance, own registration desk and own express elevator, but it and the Waldorf-Astoria have the same owner-operator _ Hilton Hotels Corp.
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  7. Leonard Thompson was 4 under entering the final round of the Seniors Championship when he got into the express elevator going down, shooting an 85 to lose a bunch of cash.
  8. A bank of express elevators stop only on the sky lobby levels ( 36 and 60, upper-deck car ), where tenants can transfer to " local " elevators.
  9. Standard elevators, which can span a maximum of 30 floors, and express elevators, which can span the entire height of the building, must be used efficiently to decrease tenant stress.
  10. Three express elevators run from the residential lobby on the ground floor to the 44th floor, with two of the elevators stopping at the parking garage's main level on floor 6.
  11. Executives such as Eisenberg instructed their employees to take the stairs down to the 78th floor Sky Lobby, where they could take an express elevator to the ground level and exit the building.
  12. As he began climbing, he crossed paths with a handful of injured people who had been in the 78th floor Sky Lobby, where scores of office workers had been waiting for express elevators when the second plane hit.
  13. Hundreds of tourists are usually allowed to ride up express elevators and visit a skybridge connecting the two towers _ each 452 meters ( 1, 483 feet ) tall _ for almost three hours every morning, except for Mondays.
  14. "I haven't played with him in a long time, " said Frazar, who was on the express elevator from solo second to a tie for 23d, " and now I know why ."
  15. When New York City's crisis managers convene to track any chaos attending the arrival of the Year 2000, they will ride express elevators from the paneled lobby of 7 World Trade Center to the 23rd floor of the black glass tower.
  16. A "'sky lobby "'is an intermediate interchange floor where people can change from an express elevator that stops only at the sky lobby to a local elevator which stops at every floor within a segment of the building.
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