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  1. The proposal included a renovation of the deck and the addition of an express elevator to take visitors to it.
  2. 55 East Erie has 194 residential units, including seven floors of split story penthouse homes with express elevator service.
  3. Installation of express elevators that take coaches and media from the ground level of the stadium to the press box were also completed.
  4. Then the journey that seemed so promising on Christmas Eve turned into an express elevator ride into the dark abyss of techno-illiteracy.
  5. The Mountbatten's double-story penthouse was not completed until 1937 and could only be reached by a private, express elevator.
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  7. The fastest passenger elevators in the world are the express elevators to the 60th floor of the " Sunshine 60 " building in Tokyo.
  8. SFFD Chief Michael O'Halloran forces Duncan to evacuate the guests in the Promenade Room on the 135th floor, directing them to express elevators.
  9. Duncan, aided by Senator Parker and Mayor Ramsey, directs the elevator evacuation from the Promenade Room until the fire renders the express elevators unsafe.
  10. Express elevators only go to specific floors, and others don't stop at every floor ( to keep unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas ).
  11. His goal is to get to the sky lobby on the 45th floor, and from there, to take an express elevator to the ground floor.
  12. Mary Jos cannot say for sure how long she was lying there, unconscious, on the floor of the sky lobby, outside the express elevator.
  13. The hotel business may be in a severe slump, but his business, Hotels . com, is taking off like an express elevator to the penthouse.
  14. After entering an express elevator at approximately 11 : 00 p . m . ( power dip caused the elevator to stop between the 13th and 14th floors.
  15. The hotel sits atop a fortresslike exhibition complex in the city center, but once you take the express elevator to the three top floors, that seems irrelevant.
  16. One can take the express elevator, providing a panoramic view of the city of Houston thanks to the use of wide glass spans and thirteen-foot ceilings.
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