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  1. On how the company intends to stay ahead of the competition given that the express delivery service is expected to grow rapidly, Cassels said DHL will " do the same things we have always been doing, but better ".
  2. In 2007, Mark McCurry and Lon Fancher ( co-founders of A-1 Express Delivery Services, Inc . ) acquired the rights to www . 1-800courier . com and used that platform to market to national businesses which require a nationwide footprint.
  3. Deutsche Post AG said Tuesday that it had completed the purchase of the 24.4 percent of express delivery service DHL International that it didn't already own _ a move that cost more than 400 million euros ( US $ 396 million ).
  4. Fitzpatrick added that the company remains committed to its role as a trade facilitator, in difficult times as well as good, and it will do everything possible to continue to provide its customers with air express delivery services they can count on.
  5. Deutsche Post, which is majority owned by the German government, delivers mail in Germany under a legal monopoly and owns express delivery service DHL . Its shares closed up 1 . 9 percent at euro17 . 37 ( US $ 20 . 84 ).
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