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  1. Deutsche Post, in which the German government holds a majority stake, delivers mail in Germany and owns express delivery service DHL.
  2. The Library Express Delivery Service ( LEDS ) provides library materials to the homebound via U . S . Postal Service.
  3. DHL, an express delivery service, is owned by Deutsche Post of Berlin, which in turn is owned 69 percent by the German government.
  4. Deutsche Post, in which the German government holds a majority stake, delivers mail in Germany as well as owning express delivery service DHL.
  5. Donald G . Berger, the president and chief executive of Pony Express Delivery Services Inc . said volume is up 35 to 40 percent.
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  7. Federal Express, United Parcel Service and Airborne Express delivery services were unwittingly used to ship crates and boxes of narcotics, according to the indictment.
  8. UPS contends that since FedEx is the only cargo hauler to fly directly to China, it has a monopoly in the direct express delivery service.
  9. "We welcome DHL's facility in Penang as it augments the capability and capacity of Penang airport to provide air express delivery services, " he said.
  10. Bonn-based Deutsche Post, which is majority-owned by the German government, delivers mail in Germany under a legal monopoly and also owns express delivery service DHL.
  11. The expansion comes just four years after Federal Express scrapped its European express delivery services, taking a $ 254-million charge and cutting 7, 000 jobs.
  12. Early in February 2012, A-1 Express Delivery Service, Inc . partnered with Washington Express Visas Services to provide Washington, DC visa and passport courier services.
  13. Included in that latter group, he says, is UPS'archrival Federal Express Corp ., the official express delivery service for the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games.
  14. Besides the traditional services of letters, courier, postage and telegrams among the new services can be highlighted those belonging to the SEDEX family, express delivery service.
  15. Deutsche Post, which is majority owned by the German government, has a legal monopoly on delivering mail in Germany, and also owns express delivery service DHL.
  16. Italian newspapers said Carretta was living modestly in a one-room apartment in a blue-collar neighborhood of London and worked as a messenger for an express delivery service.
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