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  1. It also applies to the ability to write good, clear expository English prose.
  2. The largest expository room is the refectory with a diamond vault built around 1520.
  3. Chuck Smith, include the regular use of expository preaching as one of their distinctives.
  4. He lauds scholarship as expressed by expository writing or reviews of original work of others.
  5. Expository organizers are often used when the new learning material is unfamiliar to the learner.
  6. It's difficult to find expository in a sentence.
  7. Theologically, MacArthur is considered a Calvinist, and a strong proponent of expository preaching.
  8. The church is noted for its preaching, which aims to be expository and evangelistic.
  9. But interest still centered wholly around the Bible and the expository literature immediately connected therewith.
  10. Only in that the contents of the Wikipedia are already selected specifically for expository value.
  11. The Holocaust is the key issue of the expository and educational activities of the organization.
  12. The original story is written in brusque, expository prose, its harsh drama merely implicit.
  13. No clear, clean expository lines.
  14. The second is a formulation of the basic rules used for expository purposes in this article.
  15. As such, he claims, expository preaching is inconsistent with the teachings of Scripture itself.
  16. Informative Speaking is a Expository Speaking.
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