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  1. The book is an expository on his 2012 sovereignty resolution.
  2. USA Today is very good expository reporting, more of a briefing paper.
  3. Clinton shone in narrative light, in expository light, in hortatory light.
  4. Parts I, II, and III are chiefly written in expository language.
  5. The game also used the mechanism of notes and books as expository devices.
  6. It's difficult to find expository in a sentence.
  7. This passage is a central argument for the biblical mandate for expository preaching.
  8. Some forms of Expository Speaking utilize Visual Aids, though they are optional.
  9. Kleiner has written expository papers on the Ricci flow.
  10. He also wrote some expository books on the Bible.
  11. The style was often more expository than explanatory.
  12. His prolific output and groundbreaking work led the creation of modern Arabic expository prose.
  13. He plays an expository role in both novels.
  14. Very Sincerely, Bruce Bromley ( Lecturer in Expository Writing, New York University)
  15. This self expository collection weaves critical thought, blunt introspection and empirical enlightenment ."
  16. The documentary is expository and as such does not include commentary from the director.
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