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  1. This letter consists of two strands : an expositional or doctrinal strand, and a hortatory or strongly urging strand which punctuates the exposition parenthetically at key points as warnings to the readers.
  2. The exposition still retains some of its overture-like feel as the first theme group is in ternary form and it lacks a true second theme, transitioning straight into an expositional coda.
  3. The church is both reformed and charismatic in its theology, giving high priority to expositional bible teaching and contemporary worship in its meetings, seeking to be " led by the Spirit ".
  4. But in " Gone With the Wind, " when he has to handle a fair amount of the kind of thankless expositional dialogue usually given to supporting players, Gable does it beautifully.
  5. The "'Type 1 Sonata "'is a bi-rotational structure : it includes only an expositional rotation, followed immediately ( or perhaps after a short link ) by a recapitulatory rotation.
  6. It's difficult to find expositional in a sentence.
  7. And the earlier movie's notoriously incoherent script was a lot more fun than this one's multiwriter mishmash of numbing expositional dialogue, ` 50s-vintage space opera and New Age sci-fi spirituality.
  8. But the scenario presents such a bewildering skein of ploys, deceptions, shifting allegiances and unwelcome revelations, close attention must be paid _ at times through soporific expositional stretches _ in order to keep on top of the plot.
  9. For example, K . 488 in A major lacks new expositional material, and " merely " repeats the preludial material; further, it effectively merges the first ritornello and the middle section, as does K . 449 in E flat.
  10. By the time the second theme appears in the parallel major of D major, it is evident that this is indeed the recapitulation and the movement drives home with odd expositional coda theme finishing the movement off in the appropriate key of D major.
  11. If this option is chosen, a "'Two-Part Exposition "'is produced; if not, TR leads directly to the essential expositional closure ( described below ), producing a "'Continuous Exposition " '.
  12. Indeed, Plato's approach in this dialogue is anachronistic, because it is unlikely that Socrates was a master metaphysicist; nonetheless, Aristotle's expositional treatment of metaphysics is rooted in the Platonic dialogues, especially in the " Euthyphro ".
  13. It's easy to become swept up in the palpable enthusiasm Estevez shows toward his subject, but the pedestrian and overly expositional dialogue of the film's characters proves to be as stifling as the excerpts from Kennedy's speeches are stirring ."
  14. Crossway also publishes books by such Christian writers as Wayne Grudem, D . A . Carson, William Lane Craig, Kevin DeYoung, John Piper, and is issuing a major commentary series edited by R . C . Sproul, titled the St . Andrews Expositional Commentary.
  15. Hutchings recognises these by labeling ritornellic themes A, B, C etc ., and expositional themes x, y etc . Mostly these are first introduced by the piano; but sometimes ( e . g ., theme y of No . 19 ) the orchestra plays this role.
  16. This was done by transforming the curtain-raising transitional ending into one that is more cadential, adding the appropriate expositional repeats to conform more to sonata form and transposing one of the overture's two bassoon parts up an octave so that it could be played by the flute.
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