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  1. Thus he may have rescored its return in the recapitulation for a weaker sound to foreshadow the essential expositional closure in minor.
  2. "What we discovered about it at Martha's Vineyard was that it was very expositional, " he said.
  3. The tone is broad and coarse, with groaningly expositional dialogue that seems meant as a parody of stage melodramas of the period:
  4. Armstrong's pacing is so deliberate, even drowsy, that moments of heavy action pump little more adrenaline than expositional scenes.
  5. She's onboard primarily as an expositional tool to ask Danny questions and get him to reveal information about himself for the audience.
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  7. Expositional Bible teaching from its main leaders, or " Apostolic Team " and lively worship were major features of the event.
  8. It was during this period that the expositional Beaux Arts treatment that characterized his pre-war prints gradually became more stylized and expressive.
  9. For expositional purposes suppose our proxy for risk chosen is employed by Xi as numerator and Yi as denominator values of Xi / Yi ratio.
  10. It is remote and overly expositional for long stretches at a time, a slide-show tour of " Planet of the Apes ."
  11. Following a full stop, the expositional " Un bacio di mano ", K . 541 and then ends the exposition on a series of fanfares.
  12. In approaching the ESC, the "'crux "'will appear as the rejoining of expositional material within the TR or S zones.
  13. In addition, the expositional nature of the shot ( as described above ) may be unsuitable to scenes in mysteries, where details are intentionally obscured or left out.
  14. What follows is a very striking expositional coda which is a light, dancing theme featuring Lombard rhythms and scored for solo flute and first violin against a pizzicato bass.
  15. He co-authored the book " Algebraic Set Theory " with Ieke Moerdijk and recently started a web-based expositional project Joyal's CatLab on categorical mathematics.
  16. This sequence is normally an expositional scene with either an obvious important plot point or an event which is seemingly minor but whose significance will later in the film become apparent.
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