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  • 运动生理学
  • 运动生物学
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  1. There are 2 well - equipped laboratories in the department , namely sports biomechanics laboratory , exercise physiology laboratory
  2. Tony stephens , exercise physiology advisor for bupa wellness , says that " research shows that the biggest health boost for people who do little or no exercise comes from brisk walking a couple of times a week
    保?健康组织的运动生理学顾问斯蒂芬斯( tonystephens )指出:研究显示,对一些很少甚至不做运动的人,每星期轻轻松松的走几次路,对改善健康有最大帮助。
  3. There is now a need for studies to differentiate between the potentially unique molecular , physiologic , and clinical effects of too much sitting ( inactivity physiology ) separate from the responses caused by structured exercise ( exercise physiology )
  4. He is presently a member of the hong kong sports institute limited , supervisor of jockey club ti - i college , the president of the society of chinese scholars on exercise physiology and fitness , and was appointed as justice of the peace by the hksar government in 2004
  5. Students can choose to train as generalists in sports and physical education , or specialist in areas of exercise physiology , sports biomechanics , sports psychology , sports management , physical education curriculum , sports pedagogy , health and fitness and test and measurement

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