environmental in a sentence

"environmental"'s definition  
  1. -- Environmental law reform that weakens the Clean Water Act.
  2. -- Carol Browner, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.
  3. In important ways, the environmental movement is failing to adapt.
  4. Environmental values have a far broader base of support than that.
  5. Nowadays, Gorton rails against " environmental extremists ."
  6. It's difficult to find environmental in a sentence.
  7. The company later explained that environmental regulations have stifled domestic exploration.
  8. And that, of course, contributes to global environmental problems.
  9. Even environmental regulation would continue; it would simply cost more.
  10. Gunk is spewed from air vents, posing environmental health problems.
  11. Robert Rasmussen is an inspector for the Department of Environmental Protection.
  12. Environmental groups said Babbitt had bowed to pressure from the industry.
  13. In 1981, he opened a private practice in environmental law.
  14. I think the environmental community has to demonstrate the same thing.
  15. He said that steps would be taken to prevent environmental pollution.
  16. Barrett also has a device known as an Environmental Control Unit.
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