environmental in a sentence

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  1. The center is building an experimental laboratory to conduct environmental research.
  2. But blooms are ultimately inspired by two rather specific environmental conditions.
  3. She was backed by a coalition of environmental and community groups.
  4. Office of Management and Budget and the Clearasil Environmental Protection Agency.
  5. For environmental groups, that's too long to wait.
  6. It's difficult to find environmental in a sentence.
  7. And it probably goes hand in hand with the environmental movement.
  8. An environmental protocol was added to the Antarctic Treaty in 1991.
  9. Industry groups favor the measure; environmental groups are strongly opposed.
  10. Berger, the environmental attorney, said the change is significant.
  11. Nor have the attacks stirred much response from international environmental groups.
  12. "I'm not anti-environmental,"
  13. He said Arizonans are pressuring lawmakers to roll back environmental laws.
  14. A rally by environmental groups was held Tuesday to protest logging.
  15. I taught environmental studies and participated in Earth Day in 1971.
  16. But we let environmental protection become a maze of mindless rules.
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