environmental accident in a sentence

  1. Whatever the outcome, the damages that the plaintiffs have gained so far are already the second highest ever in an environmental accident, next to the $ 470 million in damages stemming from the 1984 chemical poisoning in Bhopal, India, legal experts said.
  2. Insurers said they should not be made to pay claims unless they involve sudden environmental accidents such as the Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska in 1989 . Government-mandated dumping of toxic wastes at sites now targeted for cleanupis not their responsibility, carriers said.
  3. Three thousand investors in the Lloyd's of London insurance market who lost hundreds of millions of dollars in a series of natural disasters and environmental accidents won a major legal battle Tuesday when a High Court judge accepted their contention that they had been victims of negligence.
  4. Socialists counted on voters'rejecting the Popular Party because of Aznar's support for the U . S .-led invasion of Iraq _ very unpopular with Spaniards and Europeans in general _ and also his government's clumsy handling of the Prestige oil tanker spill six months ago that was Spain's worst environmental accident.
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