environment variable in a sentence

  1. Cosign authenticates a user on the web server and then provides an environment variable for the user's name.
  2. In order to facilitate the transition from CGI, standard CGI environment variables should be provided as SCGI headers.
  3. They check the CLOBBER environment variable.
  4. This data is then called the Query _ String and also is made available as an environment variable.
  5. If the environment variable is undefined, it falls back to send the sequence ESC [ 2 J instead.
  6. It's difficult to find environment variable in a sentence.
  7. In batchjobs, they can be retrieved just like environment variables, but are not actually stored in the environment.
  8. :: The computer in question is a database server, which reads some of its configuration from environment variables.
  9. Child processes therefore cannot use environment variables to communicate with their peers, avoiding the action at a distance problem.
  10. When a child process is created, it inherits all the environment variables and their values from the parent process.
  11. Before the target URI is invoked, the environment variable's Path _ Info and Query _ String data are set.
  12. Or, how about adding it to an environment variable ? talk ) 16 : 58, 22 April 2013 ( UTC)
  13. The system class loader loads code found on java . class . path, which maps to the CLASSPATH environment variable.
  14. The GNU ld provides the environment variable LD _ DYNAMIC _ WEAK to provide weak semantics for the dynamic linker.
  15. In Windows ME, the CONFIG . SYS and AUTOEXEC . BAT files are used only to set global environment variables.
  16. :The setlocal and endlocal make sure that any variables set within them do affect global environment variables of the same name.
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