environment variable in a sentence

  1. Shell scripts and batch files use environment variables to communicate data and preferences to child processes.
  2. This default order may be modified in newer operating systems by the user-settable PATHEXT environment variable.
  3. ;% USERPROFILE % : A special system-wide environment variable found on Windows NT and its derivatives.
  4. authbind achieves this by defining the LD _ PRELOAD environment variable which loads a libauthbind library.
  5. Unix and Windows systems have environment variables that set the fixed pivot year for the system.
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  7. Human actions are designed to achieve intended consequences and governed by a set of environment variables.
  8. Do you know about the PATH environment variable?
  9. The subscript of ENVIRON is the name of an environment variable; its result is the variable's value.
  10. In the execl, execlp, execv, and execvp calls, the new process image inherits the current environment variables.
  11. Several external DR-DOS commands additionally support an environment variable % SWITCHAR % to override the system setting.
  12. The % username % and % userprofile % environment variables can also be used with Folder Redirection.
  13. Environment variables are also available as macros.
  14. The rule is that-classpath option, when used to start the java application, overrides the CLASSPATH environment variable.
  15. Command line interfaces use modes only in limited forms, such as for current directory and environment variables.
  16. :: : Depending on the context of your program, the environment variable % CD % may be set.
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