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  1. Concrete steps must be taken . . . including encoding techniques.
  2. They don't even indicate definitively if Poe encoded them.
  3. Broadcasters using analog television systems encode their signal using different systems.
  4. PAL's color encoding is similar to the NTSC systems.
  5. Although the format now supports many ?law logarithmic encoding.
  6. It's difficult to find encode in a sentence.
  7. Lactase is encoded by a single genetic locus on chromosome 2.
  8. Like most hash functions, MD5 is neither encryption nor encoding.
  9. Polynomials are frequently used to encode information about some other object.
  10. Proteins are assembled from amino acids using information encoded in genes.
  11. Genes encoded in DNA are first protein synthesis then takes place.
  12. It is possible to fully encode one bit in one qubit.
  13. Temperature and pressure were encoded in the duration of radio beeps.
  14. The next 1, 920 characters need two bytes to encode.
  15. The strings are assumed to be encoded as UTF-8.
  16. The genome consists of 15, 384 bases encoding nine proteins.
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