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  1. That is, DER always has leading length information, while CER uses the end-of-contents octet instead of providing the length of the encoded data.
  2. Excluding padding is useful when using base32 encoded data in URL tokens or file names where the padding character could pose a problem.
  3. But unlike subtitles, closed captioning is hidden as encoded data transmitted in the television signal and provides information about sound effects and background noise.
  4. In parallel, data is analyzed by the ENCODE Data Analysis Center, a consortium of analysis teams from the various production labs plus other researchers.
  5. Once Meyer is gone, Iris realises that the scratch marks on the inside of the ring are actually encoded data giving a GPS location.
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  7. In some super-high-security settings, people sharing passwords and other information must have the same key, a massive string of digits used to encode data.
  8. Charge is what makes electrical current flow through a maze of wires to do useful things, such as activating a heating element or encoding data.
  9. Typically a home computer would generate audio tones to encode data, that could be stored on audio tape through a direct connection to the recorder.
  10. :Radioactive decay according to current theory happens completely at random, so there's no way to encode data in it the way I think you're imagining.
  11. For example, a communication buffer receiving Huffman-encoded data may need to be larger to deal with especially long symbols if the tree is especially unbalanced.
  12. The Soviet Union, on the other hand, built planes designed for internal use with transponders that encoded data differently and are invisible to TCAS systems.
  13. Using specialized software, it encodes data bits from a PC inside the sub and turns them into acoustical pulses that are sent out through the ocean.
  14. Accordingly, the ENCODE data release policy stipulates that data, once verified, will be deposited into public databases and made available for all to use without restriction.
  15. When DJI Interprises first published Newsbin Pro in 1995, it was one of the first news clients dedicated to finding and downloading Base64-encoded data in Usenet newsgroups.
  16. All data lines except the last ( if the data was not divisible by 45 ), have 45 bytes of encoded data ( 60 characters after encoding ).
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