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  • 鸡胚培养
  • 胚胎培养
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  1. Embryo culture and plant regeneration from cotyledons in interspecies hybrids of cherry
  2. No mature seeds were used the method of embryos culture . during culture of the hybrid embryos form different cross classification , the proportion and concentration of hormones were different
  3. Ovary , ovule , embryo culture and somatic hybridization could be used to overcome the incompatibility of distant hybridization and hybrid sterility , increase the genetic resources
  4. Hybrid embryos regenerated by callus and obtained more lily plantlets . isoenzyme zymograms of lily plantlets by embryos culture were similar to results of seed developed into plantlet
  5. Taken together , these results indicated that an understanding of how in vitro oocyte maturation , in vitro fertilization and embryo culture systems influence both preimpiantation embryo and fetal development should result in systems that consistently produce normal embryos and fetuses

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